The “big” run is tomorrow morning, and Charles and I are excited to hit the road for our first ever 5K.  I feel that this effort has been blessed, as the weather has warmed up just for the weekend.  All of our training has been done in the gym on a treadmill, so we are anxious to see how we will cope with the elements.  The looming thoughts of steep hills and cool air has not stopped us from setting a personal goals to run the entire event.  We will be sure to take pictures and blog about the race after we catch our breath!

This week Charles surprised me with a wonderful gift.  He built me a spin-off website to use as a cooking blog!  I have been keeping him busy with requests to “add this” or “change that”, and he has been amazingly patient.  As I type this update, he is working on the iMac muttering to himself about how to accomplish my latest request.  I am truly impressed with what he has done, and I know you all will be too.  We hope to have the site completed this week, and I will of course share with everyone so you can check out his hard work, and some good food!

Last night we took advantage of the first nice evening in months, and built a fire by the pool.  We were not the only ones with the idea, and a good number of neighbors joined us for drinks and conversation.  We met some great new additions to our community, and are excited to have such a social group of neighbors.  Our favorite HOA member was present, and Charles and I talked with her about the possibility of renovations in the condo.  We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the condo board will approve any renovations in the unit as long as they are structurally sound for the building.  We have talked about expanding the kitchen into the current dining room and converting the second bedroom into a dining room by taking down the walls and opening the space.  All just thoughts at this point, but we will work with a contractor to see what can be done, and go from there.

I have to give a shout out to my amazing brother-in-law, for his most recent professional success.  He was recently ranked along with all other submariner department heads, and was got the high honor of 2nd.  I don’t know what the Navy is thinking – as he is always 1st in my book.  But nonetheless, we could not be more proud of him or the example he is setting for the kids.

Today Charles is going golfing with Ron, and Kate and I are going for brunch and a walk around Brookhaven.  This will be Charles’ first adventure to the course this year, and with the new clubs and bag my parents and I got him for Christmas.  I am excited to hear how the round goes, and hear how the new clubs alter his game.

Time to go make a spinach and ricotta frittata – hopefully it makes it to the new website!

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