The Road Continues

Charles and I have forged ahead with our training, and are really enjoying the challenge that a long run presents.  We drove over to Chastain Park yesterday and attempted their 3.1 mile loop.  We finished the first two without issue, but that blasted third mile is still tough.  The park has a beautiful path that wanders along side of baseball fields, a golf course, horse barns, tennis courts and playgrounds.  Not to mention all of the beautiful houses on the other side of the road that overlook the park (*one day*).  As the weather gets nicer, we will be using the park’s path more and more to help us train.  I am sure we will head back inside to the treadmill on days where there are heat advisories that accompany Atlanta’s summer weather.

The countdown to Mexico has grown very short.  In 5 days, we will head to Atlanta’s new International terminal and we are off to Cancun.  I am so excited for reading all day on the beach, pampering from the hotel butler, quality time with Charles, and of course a pina colada!  Charles didn’t have his Nikon on our honeymoon, and I am really excited to see what he can create with the tropical landscapes.  For a boy that struggles with matching an outfit, he has a remarkable eye for a beautiful shot!  We will, of course, share as soon as we get back.

We are keeping busy this weekend with a variety of events.  Today The Marsh’s are celebrating their anniversary at a St. Patrick’s day party in Piedmont Park.  We are joining them to honor another year under their stylish belts.  Tomorrow we go up to Lawrenceville for my Mom’s birthday and St. Patricks day.  She makes the most amazing rubens – and we will be breaking our no carb lifestyle for that rye bread creation!  I will be paying close attention so I might learn how to make them for Charles.  In the past two years, he has ordered a reuben every time he sees one on a restaurant menu, and is always dissapointed.  Same reaction every time – he shakes his head, and says they just can’t compare.  I believe she was blessed with some Irish luck because she was born on 3/17.  Hopefully I can get some of it to rub off!

Beautiful weather this weekend has us headed back to Chastain this morning with the dogs.  Hopefully we can tire them out before we head out for the day!

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