For 5 gorgeous days and 4 beautiful nights, Charles and I enjoyed the paradise setting of Cancun Beach.  The trip was to celebrate our first year as a married couple, and its only objectives were celebrate and relax, and that we did.  There was a beach walk, and a few quick miles on the treadmill, but other than that we sat like two grains of sand on drift wood, and absorbed the culture around us.  We sat at the edge of the ocean and read for hours on end, talked about the years successes and our plans for the next year of our marriage, and ate and drank local cuisine until we needed a siesta.  It was everything we wanted it to be.

We didn’t stop at a trip: we also gave anniversary gifts!  We took a page from Kelly & Matt’s book, and decided to buy gifts off traditional lists from the 1800’s Victorian Era or 1937’s Modern anniversary list.  With the understanding that we could alter the suggestions to fit today’s lifestyle.  Charles chose from the 1937 list and gave me a beautiful Michael Kors watch.  I chose “Paper” off the Victorian list, and got him a e-reader and the bamboo sheets he has been wanting since he found them in St. Lucia.  The sheets were a stretch for paper: but if a tree that makes paper can make sheets then the correlation was close enough for me.

We couldn’t have had a more perfect year or trip to celebrate it if we tried.  We are both so blessed to have each other and the friends and family that support us.  I want to give a big thanks to all of our parents that followed tradition and gave us the types of papers that really count: scripture and Benjamin’s!  Thank you for celebrating with us!

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