As most of you know, I love everything about weddings.  I love seeing the bride in white, I love the grooms face as he looks at his new wife, I love the flowers, I love the LOVE!  The romance that comes with the long honored traditions is another of my wedding favorites.  The first dance, the veil, the rings, and the honeymoon to name a few.

My love of traditions is why Charles and I had our cake made with a third tier for us to enjoy on our one-year anniversary.  This tradition began in the 18th century to bring an extension of luck to the couple.  Wedding cakes have long been served to guests in order to grant luck to the newlyweds.    Their presence dates back to Ancient Rome and has progressed through countless cultures in the years to follow.

Prior to our wedding, we planned our cake cutting.  We deliberated whether we would use forks or our hands.  Or if we would delicately feed each other or make a mess and shove the cake into each other’s face.  In the end we decided to use our fingers, but gently feed each other.  What most people don’t know is that the adrenaline got to me as we were cutting the cake.   I whispered in Charles’ ear that I wanted to make a mess and shove the cake in his face.  His desire to keep people on their toes kicked in, and agreed.  We made a mess, and had a ball doing it!  Just another perfect memory I have of that night.

Last night, we thawed the rum-spice layer of cheesecake.  The whipped cream frosting was not looking as delicious as it did a year ago and I found myself holding my breath hoping it would taste better than it looked.  With apprehension, we dug-in.

Let me tell you what, Mark at Classic Cheesecakes is a cake savant!  Not only was the cake a “dream” on our wedding night; this year-old cake was DELICIOUS.  I don’t think either of us planned on eating the whole piece, but with-in minutes it was devoured.  Thankfully we paused for long enough to feed each other a bite, as we did at our wedding.

We washed it down with a 13 year old bottle of wine that Charles picked up while in France in 2006.  We have reserved one of the 12 bottles be brought back for each major event we come across.  A tradition made just for the two of us.  Hopefully we will pick up more bottles during this year’s trip to Sonoma to keep the tradition alive.

It was the perfect way to wrap up our anniversary celebrations.  This tasting marked the end of our one-year celebrations, and we are now looking forward.  We have so many wonderful things planned for the year ahead, including two weddings!  I can’t wait to see Pete and Laura and Jeff and Nora take their vows and see how they chose honor traditions in their own weddings!


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