Spring has Sprung

Time to work off some of that Mexican cuisine!  Charles and I are headed to the park for a 5K, and are so grateful that the weather has improved slightly this weekend.  It is still ridiculously cold for this time of year, but it has warmed up enough for us to brave a loop around Chastain.

Radar is enjoying the weather more than we have been.  He normally sleeps on our sofa chair and gazes out the window, but today he got adventurous.  He climbed on the window sill and is laying in it like a cat!  Sometimes I think he is confused about what sort of animal he wants to be.  Looking at these pictures, I have realized it is time for him to get a bath and haircut.  I normally do it myself, but I think he needs to go to the salon to correct what I have been doing wrong.  Pictures forthcoming.

Big thanks to all of our family members that sent us a card for our anniversary.   Nothing makes you feel more loved than a piece of snail mail that was ment just for you.

I have several recipes to add to Mintfortwo.com today, so I am going to get busy!

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