Spring Cleaning

This week Charles and I made the journey down to south Atlanta to watch the Braves take on the Royals.  What an amazing game!  The Braves where down by one when they had a monstrous 8th inning.  Heyward, J Upton and Uggla hit 3 homeruns in 4 at bats, securing the win for the Bravos.  Even better than […]

3 Miles Down

The Chastain loop where we do all of our training is exactly 3.13 miles (5K).  Of the 230 feet of elevation in the course, 130 occur in the last mile.  In that final mile, the climbs are spread over a few “bumps in the road” and two grueling hills. Including a 76 foot climb over the last 0.4 miles of the […]

Mint for Two – Ready for the World!

We are officially launching our cooking website, MintforTwo.com, to the masses today!  Sharing the page on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, with our co-workers, and friends has been something we have wanted to do, but were not satisfied with the page layout or content until today.  Mind you, we will still be making formatting edits and changes as […]

Oh my humid!

So it was only 75 degrees last night – but I have never been so hot in my life.  The humidity was 69% and the pollen count was at 800.  Not to mention the tornado warning and winds at 10 -16 MPH, but I digress… The run was great!  We knew that we needed to push ourselves […]