When Charles and I ran our first 5K through Atlanta, we commented on how beautiful the skyline is in the morning.  And how still and peaceful the city is before everyone wakes up and hits the roads.  We decided we needed to head down to Midtown and snap some photos at sunrise.

This was our first available weekend since the race, and sunrise came very early!  I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 to get ready, and Charles was up not long after to take care of the dogs and make some much needed coffee.  We left the condo at 6:30, remarkably only 10 min late, and headed to Midtown.  As you can imagine there was no one on the roads and it was a quick trip to the park.

We arrived in plenty of time to see the whole “golden hour”, and it was an absolutely beautiful morning.  It’s still a bit cold: 12 degrees below Atlanta’s average for this time of year, but that didn’t distract Charles from getting some great shots.  I followed him with his coffee and played in the park: climbing trees, doing elementary gymnastics, and posing when a subject was needed.  The cloudless sky made for a beautiful day, but I would like to head back down for another sunrise when there are a few more clouds.  The sun’s colors play off morning clouds beautifully and add a great deal more color to the morning sky.

After the park, we went for brunch at J. Christophers.  It was a bit odd to eat someone else’s cooking, as we have not eaten out in some time.  But it was a great pit-stop on our way to our next adventure:  GT spring scrimmage!  Charles got a sneak peak at the new QB, coaches, and team along with some great action shots of practice.  As for me, I sat by his side, agreed when made a statement and dove into my book. It was the perfect way to watch a spring scrimmage.

You might think that was enough for one morning, but we were not stopping there.  After all, the dog’s had yet to enjoy this beautiful day.  We took them on the 5k loop that we run at Chastain, and they enjoyed the long walk.  They are currently spralled out ont the living room furniture  completely pooped.  I plan to take them back tomorrow, as I know their energy will return in full force by then.

It’s time to watch the Braves take on the Cubs in the second series of the year – GO BRAVOS!

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