We are officially launching our cooking website, MintforTwo.com, to the masses today!  Sharing the page on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, with our co-workers, and friends has been something we have wanted to do, but were not satisfied with the page layout or content until today.  Mind you, we will still be making formatting edits and changes as we continue to create recipes and learn about biology and how it relates to nutrition, but we are happy with how it is today and are ready to share.

Thanks to our families for the recipes they have tried, feedback on the site, and requests for posts.  We appreciate the support and are very excited to expand the cooking blog as our abilities in the kitchen grow.  If you have yet to stop by MintforTwo.com: check it out!  It has never looked better than it does today!

Please feel free to share with your friends, co-workers and extended family that does not read our family blog! Our intentions are to build a site that helps a wide audience of people and the best way to get an initial reader base is by you guys spreading the word, especially on the various social media outlets through the social sharing options on the recipe pages themselves.

Thanks again to everyone and keep the feedback coming!

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