This morning we went to the second, and final, open Saturday morning scrimmage of the spring.  The Yellow Jackets were swarming the field and from what I know of football, they were looking pretty good.  Charles’ more critical eye reports that they were an average “swarm” and there was nothing much to report one way or another.  At least the skyline was beautiful and afforded us this amazing shot of the skyline from the lower north stands.  If you look closely you can see an AirWatch (where I work) advertisement on the scoreboard.

We also decided that Radar needed to don his jersey and show his team spirit.  He came to Bobby Dodd and “watched” along with us.  It is amazing how calm he has become in the past few years.  There was a time, that I am sure most of you recall, that he would bark at the slightest movement or sound.  However in his “older years” he has become the perfect travel companion.  Perhaps the 3 mile walks 5 days a week are helping him mellow as well.  Whatever the reason, we were very impressed with how well he behaved, and will be sure to keep our eyet open for Radar friendly ventures in the upcoming summer months.

As per usual, the pollen in Georgia has run rampant – today’s count is 4447.  Keep in mind, that an extremely high pollen count is 1500.  Yeah that’s right, we are swimming in pollen. Yellow pavement, yellow cars, yellow grass… the world is yellow.  However, if you take the time to enjoy the beautiful blooms of trees and flowers, you will find that they make it worth the sea of pollen they create.  This tree is in our neighborhood, and in full bloom this morning.

Hopefully we will have some additional good shots for you later today, as we are headed to Chastain Park for a picnic and to watch the sunset over the golf course.

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