If you have ever been in the car with Charles and I for an extended period of time, chances are you have heard us enthusiastically shout “Yellow Car”  If not, it is worth knowing that we play a car game created by my nephew when he was 5.  The rules are simple: be the first to point out a yellow or pink car, and you are rewarded with points.  Now my nephew is an observant child, and recognized that pink cars are few and far between.  He set their point value at 500, while the more prevalent yellow car is only worth 1 pont.

pinkcarWe went running on Saturday, and set a goal to run 2.25 miles, walk .13, and finish running the last .75 mi.  When we hit the 2.25 mile mark, neither of us were ready to stop.  So we mutually agreed to keep going and see how far we could get.  Excited by the prospect this could be the day that I might finish a 5k with out walking, I was extremely focused on my breathing to avoid fatigue or worse a cramp.  But as we crested the hill at 2.5 miles, I saw the best pink car I have ever laid my eyes on!  I was leading on the narrow sidewalk, so I saw it first and exclaimed loud enough for Charles to hear my victory over his music.  I run with my phone, and was able to get a shot of the car!

The pink car, was not the only exciting thing that happend during our Saturday run in the park.  We also ran 3+ consecutive miles for the first time without walking, and got a PR of 33:06!  Unfortunately the “hill of death” stopped us from finishing the last .08 of the 5K path.  But we are closer than ever to our goal, and are ready for our next shot at it on Tuesday!

* No, i cant take a pic this straight while running on a narrow uphill path: photoshop is a blessing!

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