The Brooklyn Bridge

After rocking out the tourist scene on Thursday and Friday, we chose to spend our last day as New Yorkers.  We got up early and left the tourist filled TimesSquare on 42nd and made our way uptown to the 86th.  We spent the day as we would in Atlanta, enjoying coffee, the park, and a nice meal.  But let me tell you, after traveling Central Park, coffee shops, and restaurants on the Upper West Side, it was clear that Atlanta is no New York City.

As soon as we stepped out of the subway tunnel onto the streets of the Upper West Side, I felt relaxed and more at home.  The 40 block divide between the Theater District and the Upper West is equivalent to the transition between an all-night college party and a lazy spring sunday.  We found a quaint coffee shop filled with runners, dog lovers, and paper readers and picked up a cup from the no fuss menu.  From there, we walked the streets evaluating the brownstones and Rowhouses that the UWS is famous for.  Eventually we ran into Central Park West and made our way into the 860+ acre oasis.  After strolling under the Winderdale Arch, we stumbled upon a row of picnickers lining the running path.  Hundreds of people camping along the path, single file, for miles in either direction.  They had blankets and picnic baskets – clearly this is a saturday morning activity.  Charles and I walked to the end and took a seat.  We watched the runners and finished our coffee: It was here we fell in love with New York City.

Entrance to Central Park from Grand Army Plaza & Central Park South

For there we went to a local market and got everything we needed for a comfortable day in the park: snacks, blanket, cards, and a book.  We walked over to the more famous Bow Bridge that spans over Central Park’s Lake.  And found a spot on a hill overlooking the lake, filled with rowers, and set up our picnic in the shade.  Perfection.

Eventually the reputation of famous New York restaurants lured us out of the park and we found a one with outdoor seating and enjoyed some seafood and the blissful 75 degree weather.  It was here we hatched our plan: to live in NYC for a year.  This is something Charles has always said he has wanted to do, but it wasn’t until this trip that I ever considered it.  We discussed logistics as we plotted and planned.  If you know us at all, you know how we love to plan!  And we will have plenty of time to do it, because we evaluated that this particular ambition was not going to be practical until around 2015.  Hopefully when looking back on this article later in life, Charles and I will have not only the memories of this trip, but  the experience of living in the US largest city.

With that, I will conclude this post as I have gone on and on… there was more… but you can only type for so long.  Let me just say, if you go to NYC try Tiny’s and The Hourglass Tavern!

Check out the remainder of our pictures from the trip in the gallery.


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