Stop looking at the lights Mom!
Stop looking at the lights Mom!

I think an appropriate title for the this post could also have been “All of the Lowe’s” but then I wouldn’t have had an excuse to link to one of our favorite songs. ┬áThe first part of that video is a very pretty instrumental version of the rest of the song that I think everyone will enjoy. The rest of the song, well I have my doubts, so I won’t be offended if you don’t like it. Anyway, back to this week’s events – I may have missed one or two trips in my mental count, but between last Saturday and today I think at least one of us has made a trip to Lowe’s on seven different occasions. The lighting plan that Jes had settled on for the bathroom meant we were dropping from four primary lights down to two, and we were both concerned about how much light that would leave in the bathroom. This meant that we were in a constant cycle of trying to figure things out on the internet and then going to Lowe’s to either buy something or do more research. It got so bad that Jes even brought Marble so Marble could experience the same joy that we had been living through. By the end of the week though, we had a plan officially settled on, and we were hopeful it would provide the needed light.

With the plan settled on, yesterday we had an electrician come in and rewire the bathroom. The electrician was an extreme chatter box, even when I was in the sunroom working I could hear him talking to nobody in particular, but he did a good job. There is only one extra hole that will have to be patched on the ceiling, and all of our concerns about if it would be bright enough in the bathroom have been resolved. We eventually stumbled upon the fact that you can put a 100W equivalent compact fluorescent bulb into a 60W max fixture because the compact fluorescent only pulls 23W. Seems like such a simple solution, but it was a real “eureka” moment for us at some point this week at Lowe’s.

Unfortunately the vanity doesn’t arrive until Thursday, so we are mostly at a standstill this weekend. We are planning on getting two walls completely done, but the two that the vanity sit on will have to wait until the vanity is in place. Hopefully we will have a picture up by the end of the weekend of the completed walls so we finally have a good idea of what the finished product will look like.

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