DSC_3151As you may have guessed by the title, we got the new mirror hung in the bathroom today. With that in mind, has there ever been a more obvious title for a blog post? If there is, I’d like someone to show me. Anyway, the goal today was to get all of the grass cloth wallpaper on the wall today and be done. For the first time in this entire project, I think we actually got something accomplished faster than we estimated we would. That’s not to say that it wasn’t without trouble, just trouble that we anticipated. Trying to bend the grass cloth paper into the corner by the door took a good deal of effort, and trying to get a perfectly square seem also took some time, but both worked out well in the end. The last piece for the wall paper and bead board project is to hang the chair rail. Due to the hight of the bead board and the vanity, we will have to make a very precise cut on the chair rail to wrap over the bathroom counter, but that is a task for another day.

With the grass cloth finally fully up, we got the bug to keep going on something that will make an impact. The best high impact piece remaining was to the hang the brand new , much larger, mirror. After a little bit of planning to make sure that we were properly accounting for the frame that we will build around it, the mirror went up rather quickly. I wish there was a better story to write down, but the story is actually in what happened afterwards. For starters, it actually looks like a bathroom again, but that isn’t the exciting part. Having the mirror extend almost all the way up to the ceiling makes the bathroom appear so much bigger. Not only when your standing in the bathroom, but also when you’re looking into it from the bedroom. If you stand at the spot in the bedroom now, you can’t see any of the things that still need to be done. It’s taken a month to get to this point, but it doesn’t take much imagination to see the final product at this point. The other thing that Jes was really looking forward to was the reflection of the pendant lighting in the mirror and I have to say, it looks really good.

Tomorrow we will begin working on the frame for the mirror which will tie the entire room together. It’s going to require routing out the parts that will fit over the mirror and some pretty good planning, so this isn’t a trivial task by any means. Once it is done though it will provide a focal point for the room that will tie it all together. After the frame we will put the last 2 chair rail pieces back on and the toilet back in and have a functional bathroom again. Then starts the long process of doing all the finishing touches, which will all be handled by Jes since she is far more detail oriented than I am.

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