Jes’ Boot-Blog – Day 3

Had a lot more energy yesterday – to the point it was hard to fall asleep by 9.  Thankfully I am reading one of the slowest progressing books of all time, and it lured me to sleep around 9:15.  The alarm came as early as ever, but I have come to the realization that I never like getting out of bed on a work day.  Why would this be any different?!

We got to the meeting ground at 5:50, and one of the instructors looked at our food log.  Yup, that’s right: food log.  They have asked us to document what we eat and have given us guidelines to follow.  It has been very strange because they recommend healthy processed carbs – something I have been avoiding for some time.  But carbs are needed to re-build muscle, previously that was not something I needed to focus on, so I understand that they are required.  Despite that understanding, I still feel like I am cheating every time I bite into some wild rice or quinoa!  Overall the evaluation of our food was positive: but they did say we might be a little low on the carbs and high on the veggies…  habits die hard.

  • The Warm Up – Run, mission impossible for right and left leg, PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG – FOR 9/11 MEMORIAL MOMENT, run up/down double flight of stairs 2x, Step up’s, squats, jumping jacks, Run up hill, & a stretch
  •  The Work Out – Wednesdays are apparently hill day – so when I say we ran up and down a hill 5 times – I am not talking about a small hill.  I am talking about 40-50 foot elevation gain over 1/8th of a mile.  I will go do some research tonight on the actual numbers and report back.  Breaks between hills consisted of: 20 reps of 4 assorted curb toe touches, mission impossible, waist bends, count of 20 crunches 2x, 30 second plank 3x, 20 spider crunches, flutter kicks 2x, Caterpillar run, 20 count pulsing superman’s, 20 count cross body superman’s (each side),  80 count of arm circles & squats… real relaxing breaks, huh?!  Trust me by the time you are done running you are grateful to lay down and do a plank…and by the time you are done with sit ups, you are happy to start running again.  They have it all worked out very well.
  •  The Cool Down – Lunges, inverted push-ups, run back to “base” & stretch.

All-in-all it was a good day – No stopping, even when it HURT!  We are getting to know the instructors and campers and had a few laughs today.  While we are the most inexperienced and out of shape campers in the group, they have embraced us and made us feel right at home.  They have offered a free yoga class in the park tonight, and I think we will head over there.  A hour long stretch is just what this ache-riddled body needs! Plus it will give me a chance to evaluate that hill for tomorrow’s update.

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