Jes’ Boot-Blog – Day 4

Last night we went to a sunset yoga session in the park conducted by one of the other campers.  She focused the session on stretching out all of the muscle groups we have been working during camp.  What a relaxing and beautiful way to do yoga!  The 60 min class left my muscles loose and rejuvenated: I will be going to a class on Sunday to keep up the balance between the intensity of boot camp and the restoration of yoga.

Slept well, still not pleased to get out of bed, knew skipping camp was not going to make me happy – so I went.

A lot of campers skipped this morning, apparently that is common after “hill day”.  Thankfully the group was not punished for the lack of attendance.  If anything we were rewarded with extra attention from our instructors.  They focused on our form and were able to give more one-on-one assistance.  I learned from our instructor that we ran the equivalent of 25 flights of stairs yesterday on the hills according to her fit-bit.  Just thinking about running up 25 flights of stairs is crazy – I cannot believe I did that!

Today’s focus was on triceps and pectorals – along with a lot of cardio (as always)

  •  The Warm Up: Running, John Wayne’s, 20 step ups with each leg leading, 20 wide angle step-ups on each side, 40 count curb kicks, Steps, high knees, and of course a stretch.
  • The Work Out: 60 triceps dips (standard, hands to the side, hands inverted) with 10 second holds at the end, 45 push-ups (regular, wide angle, diamond, regular) with a hold count at the end, countless lounges,  karaoke through the parking lot (think linear salsa dancing), the equivalent of another 21 flights of stairs, and ran 2 miles according to the fit-bit.
  • The Cool Down: Lunges, run, and stretch

Boot camp only meets every other Friday and never on the weekends.  So we are on our own for the next three days.  We have homework assignments for each day that will keep us active and motivated.  Charles and I have agreed to continue to wake at the same time and complete our work outs in the morning.  This way we are not challenging our sleep schedule as much as our endurance.  Should be interesting to see how we motivate each other without the group interaction and instructor supervision.  Nervous but excited!

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