Jes’ Boot-Blog – Day 6

Last night we took the dogs to the park for a 3 mile walk and it felt good to stretch our leg muscles out along the way.  All of the unfamiliar exercises really do stress your muscles to the point of a sharp ache or burn when you use them.  Its funny what daily actions use different muscle groups – for instance your pectorals do most of the work when turning the car wheel… I always thought my arms did that.  Learn something new every day at boot camp!

I never thought I would say this, but i wish that camp was in session.  On-Our-Own sessions just don’t have the same umph! morning’s HomeWork assignment was quick, but not painless.  In 10 min we busted out the following:

  • Warm Up: Stretch
  • Work Out: 10 push-up’s, 10 sit-up’s, 20 second plank.  Repeat 5x
  • The Cool Down: hmmmmm – until now I forgot about this.  Guess there was no cool down today outside of enjoying  a nice glass of water!

I feel like I have cheated as this only took 10 min, but Charles continues to remind me the point of the homework is not to be a full boot camp session.  The intention is to keep your body and mind motivated so you don’t go into shock on Monday when we start back up again. Lets hope it works!  We will head back over to the park tonight and take the dogs on another 3 miles – I will have to come up with something else to alleviate the pain in our core-workout from today…. an hour long massage sounds fairly tempting!


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  1. Let me know when you can have wine again! Really, you and Charles are incredible. The boot camp sounds so intense. On another note…your mom is reading your blog!

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