Jes’ Boot Blog – Day 9

Another great day at camp!  We focused a great deal on our core today, an area I am happy to work on (and needs a bit of work).  The weather this morning was PERFECT – I was chilly when we started, but as soon as the work out started, that cool air and nice breeze was a saving grace!

My “measure-in” showed me that I have gained a half inch in my chest, lost a half inch in my waist, and stayed the same in my hips.  Because I have not measured week after week before, I am not 100% sure if that means anything as it relates to results.  But blogs are for documenting so you can look back at the end of a long journey and recall things that you would have otherwise forgotten.  So there it is: lets see what happens next week, month, year 🙂

  • The Warm Up:  I have to say that at the start of camp the warm-ups felt like torture, but I now find them to be a perfect mix of work and prep for the road ahead.  Today’s consisted of a run, a few flights of stairs (maybe 3), step-ups, and a game of simon says (witch I believe consisted of jumping jacks, lunges, squats and other assorted activities… I wouldn’t know because I had to run laps for starting jumping jacks when Simon didn’t say).
  • The Work Out: When I say run, I literally mean we run from location to location around the park.  Once we get to a new location, we do a bit of an activity, and then we run to the next destination/activity.  After a run around a football field, we found some bleachers and propped our feet up for some assorted core work (crunches, sit ups, oblique sit-ups right and left, holding legs at 45 degree angle, and pulsing legs from 45 to 50 degree angle), this was followed by a series of planks (standard, moving legs wide, coming up on each arm, combo of moving legs wide and coming up on each arm, spider planks, to the left and to the right), and finally some more sit-ups (2 sets of standard and while holding your feet in the air a reach to the right, left, and center – don’t understand?  its not for you to understand… its for me to remember) 😉
  • The Cool Down: Ran back to base, did some jumping jacks, and an extended stretch as a gift to help recover the sore arms from yesterday!

Or that’s what I remember anyway. On that note, I plan on remember less tomorrow: it’s time to step it up on the running.  New goal – really going back to the original goal to give 100% effort 100% of the time – run, don’t doodle, or be afraid that if you put the effort into running you wont be able to do the next thing.  Try it and see how it goes.

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