The Best Laid Plans…

Jes and I had all kinds of plans to use last night as an evening to prepare for the weekend. We were going to get the food situation sorted out, write our morning blog post, take the dogs on a walk to wear them out, and clean up the house a little bit. That all of course went down the drain when we found out that it was her CEO’s 40th birthday this morning and some of the longest running AirWatch employees were taking him out for drinks. For those of you that don’t know, or don’t remember, I was the 5th full-time employee and Jes was the 7th, at what was then called Wandering WiFi. So we dropped all of our plans to go spend time with John and some of the folks we’ve known the longest in our professional careers, but that means that we didn’t get any of our planned activities completed.

Having said all of that, I write to you this morning in a frantic hurry to try and get a blog post up before we need to leave for campus. Georgia Tech play UNC at noon today in what is supposed to be somewhere between light showers and a torrential downpour all game long. So long as there is no lightning in the area, they will not postpone or delay the game, so sitting in the stands could be fun. Ironically the last time I remember it raining during a game was also during a UNC game, way back when I was still in college. The inclement weather should hurt UNC more than GT, so that’s a plus, and since we put up 68 points on them last year I am expecting a win. Once again, this is why we play the games though, UNC is definitely a good team that has the talent to win. If you want to watch, the game is on ESPN at noon.

We’ve also been hard at work at bootcamp this week, with Thursday and Friday being extremely difficult. We can’t say if it was difficult because the actual workout was hard or because we were still tired from Hill Day on Wednesday, but either way, we got through yesterday’s workout and could barely move. But we are two weeks down and 2 more to go and I can definitely tell you that my fitness level is improving and my shirts are fitting just a touch looser. As part of our new found methods of keeping busy, I decided to re-design Mint for Two this week and start posting new recipes again. I’ve learned a good deal about taking pictures of food in the last 3 or 4 months, so I am excited to show off some of those skills. The first new recipe is up if you want to take a look, along with almost all of the old stuff. The URL is


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