Jes’ Boot Blog – The Conclusion

Well here we are, the morning after boot Camp graduation and I am awake at 5:40 AM.  If nothing else, boot camp made me an early riser.  However popping up at 5:45 is far from the only result.  I have so many good things to say about it, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  • Creates amazing work out habits over short period of time
  • motivating/supportive
  • gives you energy to start your day
  • wonderful people
  • RESULTS: 3/4 inch from my waist, and 1/2 inch from my hips and down 2 pounds of fat.
  • Performance improvement (see PT results below)
  • I look and feel better than anytime I can remember

We took our final PT test yesterday and there was improvement on each category….

  1. 1 mile run – I cut 1 min 55 seconds off my mile, for a total time of 8:01.  Does it bother me that it wasn’t 2 seconds faster?  Heck NO – I never thought I would come close to an 8 min mile. Looking back to the original boot blog, I wanted to complete this in 8:30.  Mission accomplished and exceeded!
  2.  As many push-ups as you can in one minute – On day 1, I could do 19 push-up’s in 60 seconds.  Yesterday I cranked out 40 pushup’s in 60 seconds.  I didn’t have a goal here, but a 110% increase was unexpected.   I am loving the new shape of my arms – not to mention their new found strength.
  3. As many Sit Up’s as you can do in one minute – I had an admittedly ambitious goal at 45 sit-ups in 60 seconds.  This would have basically doubled the 22 I did at the start of boot camp.  I was not able to meet that goal, but I did get up to 39 sit-ups in 60 seconds!  Something to keep working on for the future (more on that below)
  4. As many Tricep dips as you can in one minute – Improved my dips from 30 to 35!  For a muscle group I was mostly unfamiliar with prior to boot camp, you can color me happy with a 16% increase in performance!

Now here is perhaps the most shocking news of all: The results were so positive that we have already signed up for another 30 days of Operation Boot Camp!  We have almost no time off, as the next class starts this Monday and ends on 11/1.  We will be taking it easy for the weekend to try and rest up for Monday morning.  I am not sure what goals I have for this next session, but I am sure they will come to me as we tinker around the house this weekend.

Work has been crazy busy recently, but I will do my best to do a blog on boot camp adventures at least once a week!


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