Okay, so fame might be too strong of a word… But nonetheless Charles and I experienced some unexpected reward for our blogging efforts this week.  Our blogs have always been intended to share our lives with our family and friends.   However both Mint for Two and Charles and Jes were explored by the world outside of our community this week.

Mint for two was featured on DelishBook – a recipe sharing website.  DelishBook’s general purpose is to collect images & recipes from food bloggers and post them in one place.  If you are ever looking for some tasty looking recipes – its a recommended spot to find something new.  Because the DelishBook owners want to make sure their site is successful, they evaluate the image and the blog for approvals.  Charles’ was featured 4 times this week! Head on over there when you are looking for something: they are building quite the tasty collection!

Charles and Jes picked up traction on Pinterest this week, thanks to the images of the new master bath.  In the last 2 days, 29 people have pinned the image on their Pinterest boards.  I am glad to know that other people think it looks as nice as I do! Hopefully it can provide someone inspiration, just as someone else’s image did for me.photo (11) copy 2

Outside of the virtual world, Charles and I are both pushing ourselves to the limit at boot-camp.  Now that we know we can do it, we have started to find ways to add in an extra challenge.  Charles has a goal to lead the campers during each course.  While I am always a camper or two behind him, I have set my goal to focus on form.  After all, doing 100’s of crunches the wrong way will not get you amazing abs.  If you want them, you have use the correct form… and as I have learned, that’s typically the method that hurts the most.  The extra effort is already paying off – we are constantly worn out, sore, achy, and could not be happier about it.  The results are really starting to show and that makes the motivation that much easier!

We hope to make some progress in the guest bath this weekend.  We decided to skip the electrician and put up the new light by ourselves.  We have measured and made the appropriate cuts, but we have some work to do on extending the cable.  Fortunately, Charles has some experience in this from his days at Wandering Wifi.  Once that is done, we will have a light to work by and should make the project outlook much brighter 🙂


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  1. Way to go guys. Very cool being featured on another food website. Mom and I need to try the beef and broccoli recipe. Also Thanks fore helping me with those tickets. Your Dad

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