I043 copyToday is my Old Pal’s Birthday – he will be celebrating with the GA Tech Yellow Jackets as they kick off their Homecoming game on campus against Pittsburg.  GA Tech always does Homecoming right: parades, competitions, plots to capture the Tech Tower T, Greek spirt galore, and a this year, a 7:00 kick off.  We will have all day to celebrate Dad’s Birthday as well as old friends returning to campus for a bit of nostalgia and a good game on the flats!

Most of Charles’ college mates still live in Atlanta, although more than half of them have moved away and returned, so we will not be expecting too many new faces at our tailgate.  However, that does not mean that we are not planning on doing it up right.  Because this is the first 7:00 kick off of the year, we are all excited to roll out the grill, contribute to a chili themed pot-luck, and most importantly bust out the TV so we can enjoy game day’s across the country.

Yesterday marked the graduation from our second round of Operation Boot Camp, and we are fully addicted.  There was no question on weather or not we would sign up for another month: the early morning routine has added a peaceful and satisfying element to our lives and we are unwilling to walk away.  In fact, we have decided to increase the challenge.  Come Sunday, we will begin training for a 10K in March.  Boot camp will serve as strength training, and Charles and I will be working on distance running during after work in sessions a few days a week.

While that might sounds ambitious enough, we also are heading into one of the craziest travel schedules that our family has ever experienced.  In the next 28 days, we will go to Asheville to visit Biltmore Estates, St. Joseph to see my grandmother, Kansas City for a night on the town where I grew up, Virginia for a Family reunion, all while Charles is making at least two round trips to California… I keep telling myself there will be time for rest in December!

No time to doodle: its time to whip up some homemade slaw and cornbread for today’s potluck!

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