sunrise-blogYesterday Charles and I got up at the normal 5:30, went to bootcamp, dropped the dogs off at daycare, and met up with my parents to head up to Ashville.  During last years Nashville/Rockettes trip, we discussed how beautiful the Biltmore Estate was, and by May, Mom had made all the necessary travel arrangements for us to come tour the estate for a November get-a-way.  After a quick 6 months, and a 3 hour drive North, we arrived at the Estate early Friday afternoon.

Yesterday we toured Antler Hill, a small town of shops and restaurants on the grounds inside the estate, walked through some of the gardens a few of the barns, and enjoyed some delicious food made from estate produce. The property is currently 8,000 acres (pale in comparison to the originally purchased 125,000) so it safe to say we have not covered all of the grounds in one day.

We have a full day planned today in order to get the most out of the weekend.  Charles and I got up to see the sunrise and took some photos.  We will take a run around the estate gardens, as soon as it warms up a touch, and then it’s time to kick off the tours of the estate itself.  The four of us have scheduled the vineyard and wine tour this afternoon, will enjoy a Christmas menu in the Grand Ballroom, and then the big event: Candlelit Christmas tour of the estate this evening.  They have decorated the 250 room residence with dozens of Christmas trees and holiday decorations, and will have the entire house lit by candles and fireplaces for a warm holiday glow.  There is no photography permitted in the house, but I will be sure to blog about some of the interesting facts I pick up throughout the day.

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