Stone path outside the condo front door


It was another week full of snow and ice, but this time Atlanta was ready for it.  The streets were prepared with sand and salt, we borrowed snow plows from all over the state, and schools and business closed in preparation for the weather. Charles and I hunkered down in the condo on Wednesday and Thursday until we got a touch of cabin fever.  Thanks to the coats we bought for our snowboarding trip, we were able to get out in the snow and take a walk each day.  We walked up to our local Kroger to pick up dinner supplies for my Birthday, and a police officer that was driving by offered to give us a ride home.  We had to explain to him that we were outside by choice and were actually enjoying the weather conditions.  Despite not needing his help, it was reassuring to know that the APD was out and willing to assist people in need.

My Birthday was wildly successful despite being bound to the condo and where our feet could take us.  We had my favorite celebratory snack for dinner (wine with cheese and crackers), I got to work on my sofa with my dogs and husband around all day, and a pile of well selected and thoughtful gifts from friends and family.  Thank you to everyone that took time out of their schedules and money out of their wallets for the gifts: Grandma, Virginia Folsom’s, Riparius Folsom’s, Caroline, Alison, Laurent’s, Powell’s, and My Wonderful Husband!

IMG_20140215_082120 (1)
Flowers Charles sent to me for my birthday!

Last night we continued the celebration and were able to get out in our cars and drive to The Cooks Warehouse for a cooking class with my parents!  As everyone here knows I enjoy the challenge of cooking, and my parents were able to harness that into this class for the perfect birthday dinner!  We learned to prepare lamb chops with an accompanying au jus, asparagus mimosa, potatoes anna, and chocolate and cream cheese mouse parfait!  I will be adding several of these recipes into our household recipe box: they were truly delicious!

Tonight Charles and I are headed out to dinner and the Atlanta Symphony for their Piano Romance show.  I am so excited to head back to the ASO: The Christmas performance we saw in December is still fresh in my mind, but I am ready for a new installment.  They will undoubtedly have love songs from the past and recent history.  In order to add a variety, they have once again brought in a vocalist.  This time a Broadway star who was the original Marry Poppins and Bell from Beauty and the Beast. I am sure whatever they have planned will be romantic and beautiful: The perfect way to celebrate Valentines day with my Valentine!

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