Celebrate good times!

It can’t all be about the house…. Well it can, but that seems very obtuse.

Charles had a heck of a week at work, and just arrived home this morning.  He spent the first half of the week with a client in NY, and then set off for LA on Thursday.  After working with his LA based client for two days, he was able to attend a Google Apps for Business launch party last night for a few hours before catching the red-eye home.

My week was less exciting.  Work, work out, play with dogs, arrange things for new house, etc.  I was spoiled by a visit from my mom on Monday to go look at the new house and check out some local restaurants.  And went running & to dinner with a friend on Thursday for a bit of variety.  It’s nice to stay busy when Charles is out of town, and I am so grateful for the ladies that realize a little extra attention will help me get through it!

This weekend is pretty packed with amazing reasons to celebrate:  we are going to a St. Patty’s day festival with friends to help them celebrate their wedding anniversary, and from there to a birthday party across town.  And on Sunday we will go up to Lawrenceville to help my wonderful mother ring in her 30th birthday 🙂 a day early.    I can’t believe it’s already mid March….

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