Remember when I said that I was going to remodel the guest bathroom?  No??? I wouldn’t be surprised, it was over 6 months ago.  October 5th to be exact.  And it was the longest remodel project of my life.  When you think about it, the builders will create a whole home for us in less time than it took me to finish 40 sq feet!

DSC_0205Timeline aside, the finished product looks GREAT!  Nice and polished with no hint of dingy floors, plastic tub surround or textured walls in sight.  The updates (from what I remember) are below

  • New Crown Moulding
  • Waterproofed, Tiled, and Grouted Shower Surround
  • New Shower Curtain Rod, Drapes, and Tie Backs
  • Refinished Tub Fixtures to a Brushed Nickel
  • Installed & Painted Paneling to the Walls
  • New Tile Floors & Grout
  • Revived Baseboards with New Paint and Calk
  • New Light Fixture and Wiring to accommodate Overhead Light
  • New Mirror and Homemade Frame

After taking the pic’s, I realize that I really need to clean the floors and Charles needs to finish patching the ceiling… but I am still going to call it finished!


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