How do you put just how happy one little dog could be into words? Until last week the thought had never even occurred to me to try. That changed when Jes and I were on vacation and we watched The Lego Movie with our niece and nephews. The first time the kids wanted to watch the movie we didn’t really pay too much attention, but a song came on called “Everything is Awesome”. Even though neither of us were really paying attention to the movie, we both looked at each other and instantly knew that song might as well have been written by Marble. For her, everything really was awesome and this was a perfect anthem.

When we had gotten over the initial shock and incredible heartache of the news of her passing, long before we could really even think straight, we both knew that we would make a video tribute for her. And we both knew that it would be set to “Everything is Awesome”. Throughout the week we both had countless songs that reminded us of our little girl, but they were all songs that expressed my sorrow at her passing. Years from now when we look back on Marble’s life, we knew that we didn’t want to be reminded of how sad we are today, but how happy we were for the last almost 3 years. So without further ado, I give you The Awesome Life of Marble Folsom.

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