This was a very big and important week for both us Folsom’s!  We got the pleasure and honor of babysitting our dear godson: Oliver!  With Ron out of town, and Kate committed to an adults-only event, we got our first chance to help our friends while hanging out with Baby-O.

Charles and I got a lesson in babysitting early in the week and learned all about Oliver’s schedule and tendencies.  This came in great use when we were on our own with the little guy.  While he is a very good baby – as most of you know, babies are a lot of work!  So I appreciated all of the helpful hints Kate shared with us during our trial run.  On our inaugural babysitting session, we had a blast, and I have learned a few very important things about my godson:  He loves snuggles, baths, and a good meal and hates being cold…. we have so much in common already 🙂


In other news, We did close on the construction loan with the bank, and got the asbestos assessment done.  The asbestos results will be back to us on Monday, and we can finally file for permits.  The builder says the permitting will take 1-2 weeks.  So by the 19th we should be ready to break ground.  However, we did let our renter know that he could stay through the end of the month.  So we might be delayed for a few weeks, depending on his progress.  While this is mildly annoying, whats a few weeks in the grand scheme of things?!  Totally worth the karma points for not evicting a family of three!

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