Uncharted Territory

I have to warn you…. this is going to a pretty boring post ūüôā

Yesterday Charles and I completed our first ever 7 mile run! ¬†We were pretty apprehensive about it, as this was the first time that half marathon training would push us to a distance we had not attempted before. ¬†However, we realize we will¬†never get to 13 if we¬†can’t do 7 ūüôā

Most all runners articles/advise will tell you that you can run about 40-60 minutes with out some form of additional fuel for your journey.  We have been pushing this as far as we could, because the idea of eating while running was just so foreign to us.  Neither of us really wanted to do it until we HAD to.  But, at the end of 6 miles (roughly 55 min) we are both worn out, and not looking to go any further.

So after some research we mixed up a concoction to take with us – a lovely blend of honey, salt, molasses, and water…. YUUUUMMM! ¬†Right around 3.5 miles, we drank it down and realized two things. ¬†One – Damn thats sweet and Two – we should have done this sooner! ¬†At the end of the 7 miles we were chatting and running without issue and had enough left in the ‘tank’ to pick up the pace to a 7 min/mile completion.

All-in-all a wonderful run, that we were both very proud to have completed.  Looking forward to next week so we can do it all over again and work on improving pace.  This week we averaged 9:43, in 72 degree heat and 96% humidity.  Hoping with reduced heat and practice we can get that down to 9:15 for race day.

In other news Рthe asbestos testing was completed on the house and we got the best results possible for a house built at the time.  They found asbestos in the siding, but no where else.  The builder got a quote to have it safely removed, and was able to get the permits into the city.  According to builder, we should have completed permits back by the end of this week or early the following.  Thats the last thing we need prior to breaking ground!

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