One of the smaller details on getting the lot prepared for the new house was that pesky abandoned power poll that was on the left side of the lot. We were fairly convinced that we would have to have a prolonged fight with Georgia Power for them to take it out and at first it looked like it was heading in that direction. When Jes first called them to ask about getting it removed, they had no record that it even existed. This of course is never a good thing. But they said that would send someone out to take a look at it and let us know what the next steps were by the end of the week. Well the end of the week came and went, but we never heard anything from Georgia Power. Typical. Or was it?

We went over to the house on Saturday to complete our first ever 10 mile run (mission accomplished bytheway!), and low and behold, the power poll was already gone! Apparently they just decided to go ahead and take it out without even bothering to tell us. I’m not sure how you get one of those things out of the ground, but it could not have been terribly easy, but there is not even any indication that there was ever a power pole in the first place. Someone remind me of this the next time I am cursing Georgia Power for whatever reason 🙂


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