Let’s see…. when was the last time we posted – about anything? Hold on, let me check…. January 17th. That was almost 3 months ago to the day. What could have possibly happened that caused us to go so long without a single post? I honestly wish I could tell you, but looking back on it the only thing that I can remember is one giant blur. Let’s take a look at the highlights though.

Number is obviously the house. Oh the house.The typical day for the past month or two involved waking up in Midtown, driving to the house to check on progress, driving to work, driving back to the house again later in the day, and then driving back to Midtown. Fighting traffic every step of the way. The house has provided a constant stream of both excitement and frustration, but we are crossing the finish line this weekend! We got our official Certificate of Occupancy late in the day yesterday. The only things left to do before we can start moving in are another coat of sealer and poly on the floors (happening today) and the cleaning crew needs to work their magic tomorrow. That doesn’t mean it’s done of course, but that we can start moving in. It looks incredible and it is definitely “our” house, and hopefully life will start to slow back down once we are officially moved in. We have plenty of pictures to show throughout the process and one day we will get around to actually posting them.

So if number one was the house, what was number two? Well if you’ve seen Facebook you might know, but if not, Radar has a sister again in the form of another Mini Australian Shepherd named Phoenix. She has been an amazing addition to the family, but puppies aren’t easy. Especially puppies that have limitless supplies of energy. We’ve been doing absolutely everything we could to socialize her to anything and everything she might encounter in her life in the hopes that she isn’t quite as…. socially awkward as Marble was. She’s been exposed to coffee shops, restauarants, parks, other dogs, and a million different kinds of people. Living in midtown has been a godsend for her socialization thanks to the constant stream of action, noise, and people. She’s a little over four months old right now and will be attending obedience classes as soon as she turns six months old, but she’s already got a decent handle on sit and we are working on down. Her leash skills are also rapidly improving since she is just like Marble in that she needs at least an hour long walk everyday or she won’t sleep through the night. We have lofty goals for Phoenix but she’s off to a great start so far.

But wait! There’s more! Two Fridays ago I ended my three and a half year tenure at Cloud Sherpas to join a brand new company called MobileMind. MobileMind was founded by an ex-AirWatch manager and is starting with AirWatch implementation consulting for the EDU space. My role will be as a Senior Mobility Consultant, along with one other ex-AirWatch/ex-Cloud Sherpas guy, and between the two of us we will get to grow our own services department from scratch. My first day was the past Monday and it’s been amazing so far since I love working at a startup when in the course of one day you might go from talking to a school superintendent, to figuring out some technical problem, to building desks and hanging white boards. Everyday is different, and more importantly, everyday matters. How successful the company is ultimately rides heavily on my day to day contributions, since that is 20% of the company’s output currently, and I don’t want it any other way. And as an added bonus, the office is across the street from AirWatch, so Jes and I can carpool again, and have lunch together again, and it’s just been incredible being able to be close to her during the day again.

So those are the major updates, to go along with the usual stuff that goes on in our lives. The current plan is to be fully moved into the new house by the end of the week and to truly start living the life we’ve wanted to for the past year!

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  1. Finally! New puppy, new job, new home. No more traffic. Sunsets from your porch. Can’t wait to visit in a couple of months.

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