Yesterday our first Blue Apron box was delivered and I am anxiously waiting going home so that I can prepare our first dinner! 

Tonight’s menu is Crispy Salmon with Roasted Broccoli & Meyer Lemon Aioli.  I am somewhat shocked that I am excited to make this meal, because its nothing new.  I have cooked salmon on the stove top dozens of times, roasted broccoli is a family favorite and Lemon Aioli… come on!  Thats my ultimate “go-to”.  So if this has all been done before, why am I excited?! 

Ingredient quality is never easier to evaluate than when you know what to expect.  All meals are only as good as the ingredients that you put into them – and I already know what this one should taste like when using high quality salmon, fresh broccoli, and organic butter, etc.  So I am excited to see how the Blue Apron products stack up to my expectations.  While I am very excited to try a new meal delivery company – I am only going to stick to it if the food is delicious!  

Plus, I just took some time to watch a few videos on technique for chopping garlic and zesting lemons: cant wait to give some new techniques a try!



Ahhh, the “do-over”.  Is there anything better than getting a second chance to do something right?!

Here is a recap of last nights dinner:  

  • Aioli – Delicious
  • Rice – Perfect (must add salt when serving)
  • Broccoli – oh sooooo good  
  • Salmon – Overcooked, much resembling cat food

UGH!  I hate overcooked protein…. and the thing is, I DO IT ALL THE TIME.  Mastering a well cooked cut of meat is my Achilles heal (kitchen version only).  The thing is, I worry so much about it being undercooked and poising someone, that I always let it go too long.  Or I freak about it being overcooked and it comes off raw.  We call this overcorrection – and I am a black belt in the arts of overcorrection! 

So here I go again (on my own… don’t tell me you didn’t start singing it too).  Round two of Crispy Salmon with Roasted Broccoli & Meyer Lemon Aioli.  The thing about blue apron’s plans is none of them really worked perfectly.  So I chose to have 2 meals for a family of 4 delivered.  Thats 8 dinners.  But I really don’t like serving left overs (particularly not fish – gag) so I cooked 2 of the salmon filets last night and am cooking the other two this evening.  Hence the do over.  Also cooking the broccoli fresh tonight, but have very little concerns that they will not come out delicious!

So here is the game plan for the little salmon filets… and when I say little, I mean it.  They are barely a half an inch thick.  No wonder they were overcooked.  Everything I could find online told me to get 1 inch filets.  This goes down as a strike against the folks over at Blue Apron.  I am sure these little 1/3 inch cuts were easy to come by, but not anyones “dream selection”.  Puling out the “big guns”  AKA the thermapin.  My research has led me to believe that if I pull the salmon off at 120 degrees and let it slack for 5 min – we should end up with some tasty salmon… we will see how it goes.

It didn’t work


Failures teach perseverance, right?  Slightly less overcooked, but still overdone.  Broccoli was delish as expected.  At this point, I am questioning my ability to cook salmon.  Charles and I decided that we would try again on Friday with some good salmon from Publix.  Basically – I don’t believe the size of these little fishes are helping me out, so if I am going to master it, I need to start with a better cut of meat.

Hello Perfection


FINALLY!!! Victory lap around the kitchen island!!!  We went to Publix after work tonight and picked up some delicious 1inch cuts of salmon.  I followed the same recipe and NAILED it!!!  This was the best salmon I have EVER made.  Crispy tasty outer layer with a medium center – just the way we order it form our favorite restaurants.  Now that I know that I am not crazy – and that I can actually cook, I just need to learn to deal with some different portion sizes.  

Given the results above, I am not 100% sold on Blue Apron.  But I am excited for next weeks menu and hopefully I wont run into similar challenges with the pork or chicken!  

Next weeks Box:

  • Pork Chops & Garlic Picada with Brown Rice & Spinach
  • Honey-Mustard Chicken with Roasted Winter Vegetables

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