Hello World…. Again!

Welcome to the Folsom family website… take four.  The biggest improvement this site has over the previous versions is the loading speed should be immensely increased.  The increased loading speed will help make me excited to keep the site up to date, and will hopefully help keep you guys interested.  The second thing, which is probably more noticable, is the new site design.  I like to think that I am getting better at making the site more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use, but I will let you be the judge of that.  As I have time I will begin uploading all of the family photos to the Galleries tab, so check back there often to get the most up to date photos of what is going on is our lives.  I will also be adding more functionality to the site as time goes on, but for the time being, what you see is what you get.  I have plans for a recipe manager section, a section on our budding photography portfolio, social network integration, and a newsletter feature that will allow people to subscribe to the most recent site updates.  After that, who know what will strike my fancy, but you can be sure I won’t stop adding to the site.  Thanks to all of our friends and family who help keep our lives exciting.

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