This week we continued working towards our goal to run 5 miles through the beautiful Sonoma countryside this May.  We are following an online program that coaches novice runners.  By the time we complete the 9 week program, we will be running 5k.  In order to keep us motivated, we thought it would be fun to join Ron & Kate for the Shamrock ‘N Roll Race on the 10th.  We suffer no disillusion that we will be able to run 3.1 miles by next weekend, but we are ready to go out there and enjoy the challenge while hanging out with 2 amazing friends and a few hundred strangers.

This week I moved up to the 3rd floor of our office.  I took the following crude picture on my iPhone.

Unfortunately, the master photographer of this relationship no longer works with me, and he was unable to take one of his beautiful photos.  He needs to come visit soon: he wont be able to believe how AirWatch has grown and changed in the past year and a half.  Some days I look around and take it all in, and I can hardly recognize that it is the same company where we fell in love.  New building, hundreds of additional employees, 200 million in series-A funding, leadership and structure… the only thing that remains the same is that there is always work to do and a path to follow.
This morning I began to blog the recipes that I didn’t have time to do last weekend, and was able to add 6 new ones (including brussels sprout hash and fried spinach).  You might notice the website has a new look for Spring!  The new colors and formatting are thanks to Charles’s hard work.  I wanted pink: but he vehemently refused.  I think he made the right choice in the end: he did a wonderful job.  Especially given the fact that he was working while blanketed in puppy love.  We have my parents dog’s this weekend (Katie and Ellie) while my folks took some much needed vacation.   As you can see the girls are quite the snugglers.

The weather is miserably cold, so the 6 of us are planning on staying in for as much of the weekend as we are able.  However, the fridge is bare, and there is a 20 min run required of us tomorrow, so we will have to venture outside of our bungalow eventually.  And by eventually, I mean now.  Its almost 3:30 and I have not yet fed my husband.  Off to the store to pick up the ingredients for a Chicken & Blackberry Salad and Beef Carnitas  We will let you know if they were any good next weekend!

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