pondThe Chastain loop where we do all of our training is exactly 3.13 miles (5K).  Of the 230 feet of elevation in the course, 130 occur in the last mile.  In that final mile, the climbs are spread over a few “bumps in the road” and two grueling hills. Including a 76 foot climb over the last 0.4 miles of the course.  When we first started running this route, we named that climb the “Hill of Death” and we never thought we would be able to race up it.

During our last outing, we ran until we needed a break, about 2.1 miles, walked for 0.13 miles, and finished the course.  It’s crazy to think that 0.13 miles is all that is standing between us and our goal to finish our 5K without walking. But that is currently a bitter reality.   The good news is that we finally raced up the Hill of Death at our average pace.  Running up that monster was was truly an exhilarating, not to mention exhausting, experience.   I will without a-doubt think back on that feeling of accomplishment as motivation this weekend as we set our new goals.

Its hard to get a great pic as you run up a hill that has you gasping for air, but I did get one that I wanted to share. Remember all the pollen I was talking about?  Well this is a pond on the north end of our loop.  Check out all that yellow pollen   Makes my eyes water just looking at it!

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