It is a long standing Laurent tradition that we plant Spring/Summer flowers on Mothers day.  My mom loves to have flower beds, butbelieves the planing process is much improved with help.  This year we had the perfect weather for planting, and were excited to get to work.  We all have our jobs: Dad brings up the soil and prep’s the beds as well as cleans it up after mom and I done.  Mom digs the hols and places the flowers in her preferred pattern, while I follow behind her and drop in some fertilizer and pack the flower into its new home for the next 6-8 months.  This year Charles took on a new job of documenting the fun!  We have all noticed that his love for photography really benefits the whole family!

DSC_2000                                          I am the type of person that reads instructions and decides to pick and choose what parts of them I would like to follow.  For example: Steps 1-3 sound good, but 4-8 are just ridiculous.  Charles likes to avoid the instructions like the plague and only digs them out of the trash if his project has gone so sideways he is praying there is a section that reads “how to fix this if you didn’t read the instructions when you began”.  But my mom is a stickler for the rules.  If her flowers say plant 6 inches a part – she plants each one 6 inches from the other.  She has a ruler out there with her, and measures each and every hole.  I of course make fun of her for this – as this seems overkill to me.  But at the end of the day she has beautiful flower beds… so I can’t argue with her methods.
The kids got to join us for the festivities and were the subject of several good photo’s.  Radar got his freedom and roamed around the yard, while our little escape artist was tethered to a tree. Charles and I stuck him in the wheelbarrow for a while, and marble was very curious about what was going on.  But for the majority of the day they both lounged in the sun, and enjoyed the opportunity to hang out in a yard.
We are headed back up to Lawrenceville today, and I will try to get a picture of the final product.  I think we were so ready for lunch by the end of the planing session that we forgot to get one last shot!

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