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Marina Del Rey Sunset

Charles’ job has kept him leap frogging across the country recently and this upcoming week is no exception.  He is off to Ft. Lauderdale on Monday and Santa Monica on Tuesday.  He’s not the only one who has led a crazy work life either. I have taken on managing a team of technical writers in the US and India on top of my partner management duties at work.  The hectic work schedules have kept us in the office: hence the reason for the abbreviated update this week (and last week’s absence).

In between meetings, Charles was able to sneak a trip to Marina Del Rey and get some photos of the boats at sundown.  LA traffic prevented him from getting out to the Venice pier, but he is keeping his fingers crossed that this week’s trip will allow more time for a journey out the the famous So Cal attraction.

We did get out to the pool for the first time this summer today and caught up with some of our favorite neighbors while soaking up some much needed vitamin D.  We will head up to Lawrenceville tomorrow for some R&R with the folks before Charles leaves again for the week.


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