h&fIt’s been a crazy Q2 for AirWatch, and I have not been able to escape the whirlwind of activity.  The company made it’s first acquisition this week: Motorola Solutions’ MSP platform is now a part of the AirWatch family.  I have been managing the Motorola partnership for a few months, and am excited to see how this acquisition will bring our two companies together.  Not to mention what it will do for AirWatch’s position as a leader in the space.

Charles purchased a new set of clubs this week.  The Nike iron’s are perimeter weighted witch should help him achieve more consistant results on the course.  He is looking forward to his next golf excursion and breaking 100.  Hopefully this latest addition to his golf bag will be just what he needs to get him shooting in the 90’s!

burgerLast night Charles and I went to Holeman and Finch with friends to celebrate Davids 30th Birthday.  There is no shortage of upscale pub’s in Atlanta, but Holeman has found a way to differentiate them selves.  Each Friday and Saturday night at the stoke of 10PM they serve 24 – and only 24 – hand crafted, double patty burgers.  Because they only serve 24, you have to get there early enough to reserve one of these iconic treats.  They are not offered on the menue, so the only way to get one is show up early and steak your claim.  Our group arrived at 7 – and sampled cocktails, celebrated,  and waited in anticipation… it was worth every second.  It was by far, the best burger I have ever tasted.  Since Holeman started this late night tradition, it has become a badge of honor for Atlantan’s to say they have participated, and we are happy to wear it proudly.

The sky is overcast, and the air cool today making this a great day for a walk in the park with the dogs.  Chastain Park has a new “attraction” on our normal rout.  They have brought in sheep for weed controle in the park’s picknick area.  The sheep are enclosed by a electric fence and have the protection of a 120 pound Great Pyrenees that watches over the flock.  They will snack on the weeds, and when done moved to a new section until the park’s picknick area is weed free.  They are very cute, and I will be sad when they move on to greener pastures!


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