Slowing the shutter speed allows the camera to capture the movement of the sparklers light

The rain let up enough for us to light up some sparklers last Sunday, and Charles used his photography skills and new tripod to get some very unique shots.    Along with the tripod, he also got a remote shutter release that uses infrared to “press the button” for a picture from afar.  Not having to wait for a timer to go off makes it much easier to get the exact image you are looking for.  We learned more as we went, so be sure to check out the rest of the photos in the gallery.  I must say, it was very nice to have him in pictures with me for once, rather than solo stills of me.

Today it is a beautiful overcast morning in Atlanta, with temperatures in the low 70’s and no humidity: a rare treat for Atlantan’s this time of year.  Charles is keeping his fingers crossed for dry weather tomorrow as he is going out to Stone Mountain to play a round of golf.  While he is out, I am going to finish re dry-walling the bathroom: a project that I have been working on for the past few weeks, and it is past time to wrap it up so I can move onto the next endever.  Still debating what that will be.

We joined a new gym this week, as the last 2 months of constant rain has made it challenging to comfortably run in the park.  Both Charles and I are excited to be back in the weight rack, and have set some very agressive goals to keep it challenging.  We are still running and signing up for 5k’s to make sure we maintain the progress we have made on the road in the last 6 months.


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