New pendant lighting installed
New pendant lighting installed

There are several designers tips for making a small space feel larger, and having the appropriate amount of light is #1. Other tricks include, keep the color pallet light (aka light wood finish, paint, and tile), using large tiles, vertical lines, separating the bottom 1/3 of the wall form the top 2/3, large crown molding, and large mirrors. Believe it or not, we have crammed all of these into our 45 sq foot bath.

Because lighting is key to a small space (not to mention for getting ready in the morning) it was the most challenging consideration of the project. After deliberating over wattage, lumens, soft white, bright white, light white, 2 bulbs, 3 bulbs, cfl’s, led’s, recessed, pendants, sconces, and chandeliers we finally came up with a lighting plan: two pendants and a recessed light. I have to thank Charles for tossing pendent lighting into the mix. I was stuck on chandeliers and wall sconces when his suggestion saved the day. Once the decision was made, and perfect pendants were picked, we called the electrician to move the lighting drop from the wall to the desired overhead locations. This was the first part of this project we have contracted out, but the safety first mantra from our elementary years apparently stuck with us.

All of the deliberation was well worth it. The newly installed lighting perfectly delivers the desired effect: lots of inviting light in a fresh and custom design. I could not be happier with how they turned out!


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