One wall down - three more to go
One wall down – three more to go

You know how your teacher always told you to read all instructions prior to starting your test? And inevitably there was always that one teacher that wanted to be funny and have the last question say something like “Do no answer any questions, turn in the test blank.”? Well that was our weekend, except in this case the “teacher” was an upside down warning sign and the “test” was two different rolls of grass cloth wallpaper. Since this is my first foray into the world of grasscloth, I didn’t know that two rolls could be different colors based on the die. Obviously since I have gone down the road of this analogy, I failed this test pretty badly. Right in the middle of the main wall I put the first sheet of paper off of the second roll directly next to a sheet from the first roll and the colors were off just enough to be annoying.

After a venting good deal of frustration, Jes and I were finally able to sit down and see if we had enough paper to finish the job. We eventually came up with a plan that allows us to “hide” the color transition in an inconspicuous place in a way that would leave us with about 1 foot of extra paper. With a new plan in place, we had to take one sheet off the wall and were amazed at how easily it came off with the help of our garment steamer. That’s not to say it easily came off, but we were expecting it to take hours and it only took one. With the old sheet off the wall and a new one put up, we were finally able to put the chair rail over the bead board for a finished look. It was certainly a more frustrating day than it needed to be, thanks to my oversight, but it looks really good. Unfortunately for now we are at a standstill until the vanity gets here on Thursday, but the rest should (knock of wood) happen relatively quickly.

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