atlanta-yoga-logo-altCharles has worked hard over the last year to improve his golf game.  His backswing, his grip, and his posture have all come under scrutiny by the golf pro he has been working with.  Much has improved and Charles is closer than ever to reaching that sub 100 number on the course that he has been aiming for – one stroke away to be exact.  However, the pro he has worked with continues to harp on Charles flexibility…. or should I say lack of flexibility?

Charles’ range of motion has challenged him in the weight room, during calisthenics, and now on the golf course.  Because of that, I decided to look into something we could do to “stretch him out”.  And yoga was the first thing that came to mind.  After a bit of research and a lot of apprehension, we committed to going to our first class this week.  We chose a highly reviewed location close to the condo, Peachtree Yoga Center.  Their basic’s class is meant for yoga beginners: the perfect place for us to start.

I don’t have Charles same issues with flexibility but that doesn’t mean that I can contort myself the same way that yoga regulars (AKA Yogi’s) can.  So while the class was not as challenging for me, as it was for Charles I was got a good work out in during the 90 minute session.  The instructor knew it was our first time, so he was helpful when it came to making sure we were in the right position and adhering to yoga standards we were unfamiliar with – like breathing through your nose and never through the mouth.

The class had the desired results: by the end Charles’ range of flexibility was greatly improved.  We plan on adding in a few sessions a week to our work out regimen and hope to find all of the benefits yoga has to offer along the way!


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