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I’m not going to get into the saga of how long it should or should not take a company to ship you a vanity, but let’s just leave it at our idea of reasonable is much faster than The Home Depot’s. With that being said, our new vanity officially got to the condo on Tuesday and we very anxiously went to putting it in the bathroom. Let me be the first to tell you that trying to wield a 163 pound, fully assembled, 48″ vanity around a bunch of tight corners isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It took all of our spare time on Tuesday night, but we were finally able to get the vanity, vanity top, and new faucet installed, along with all of the plumbing for the new faucet. After a long night’s work, we discovered that the water that was backing up into our bathroom would continue, even with the new plumbing, so not all was well. I am in the process of having a plumber come out to snake the common drain line in our condo, but once that is complete we should be good to go.

The following evening we set out to get the baseboard and bead board finished up on the final two walls. Our original plan was to have the baseboard and bead board stop at the vanity, since it would be flush against the wall. Unfortunately the builders who originally created our bathroom had other ideas. The walls are not square enough to have the vanity sit perfectly flush against both walls, so the bead board and baseboard have to extend behind the vanity a few inches. This caused some issues getting the bead board lined up properly, but after some fancy maneuvering by Jes, we got it lined up and glued onto the wall. The picture on the right shows the installed vanity (minus one drawer pull because the vanity didn’t come with the right sized screws) and you can just barely make out the bead board behind it.

Next on the agenda is to reinstall the toilet, finish up the grass cloth wallpaper, and then tackle the mirror. We are estimating that it will take another 5 days of actual work to get everything completed, so I am sure that will actually mean 7 or 8, but that’s okay. Things are finally starting to come together and they are looking good.

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  1. Scope creep wins again! But it looks great! Maybe we should recommend you two on Angie’s list for home improvement projects.

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