IMG_8491The youngest member of the Powell clan started Preschool on Friday!  She will be going for a few hours each day, to  start the adventure of building relationships and knowledge  outside of her family interactions.  I am so excited for her and can’t wait to hear what sort of stories come from her latest adventures.

A little closer to home, Charles and I have signed up for a fitness bootcamp.  Boot Camp, traditionally defined as a disciplined military training camp for new recruits, has many alternate faces in 2013.  Fitness boot camps are meant to motivate and whip campers into a good fitness routine.  The Instructor has strict attendance rules and if one “camper” doesn’t show for a class, the rest of the crew is punished for that day’s lesson.  Presumably to encourage 100% attendance and help retain the boot camp je ne sais quoi.

We have been suffering from a lack of motivation for the last month, and felt like a swift kick in the butt would get us back in gear.  On Monday morning we will head over to Chastain Park at 5:30 and meet our instructor and co-recruits for the next 30 days.  The boot camp instructor will drill us for an hour each morning as well as offer helpful suggestions on proper nutrition for productive workouts.

We are both excited for the results, but apprehensive about the structured work out’s and early hours.  We will be sure to let everyone know how it’s going as we make it through the next 30 days!

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