Jes’ Boot-Blog – Day 2

No issues going to bed last night – as a matter a fact we were crawling in bed at 8:30 to have some tea and read before our 9:00 bed time.  I was out a few before 9:00.  I have not been to sleep that early since childhood unless I was sick or had been over served J .  I am wondering if the fatigue was due to the early hours or the intensity of the work out: most likely both.  However, I am hopeful with my 8+ hours of sleep last night, I will have some more energy tonight.

Waking up was a bit obnoxious – did it without too much resentment.  However I had some help: about 5 min after I rolled out of bed, I was still feeling like the bed was calling my name when Charles asked me if I wanted to go to Ireland!?  That perked me up right away. We are still waiting for details but there is a possibility he will have a work trip to Dublin by the end of the year… but I digress.

Back to boot camp: we arrived at 5:50, chatted with the other campers, and began the 45 min session at 6:00 on the dot.

  • The Warm Up: Running, mountain climbers, mountain jacks, jumping jacks, backwards lunges, John Wayne’s, running up/down stairs, step up’s, & a nice stretch
  • The Work out:  Running two loops of the track & to each station, 15 stations/20 reps per station of abdominal and chest exercises.  Listing what stations I remember it’s all sort of fuzzy at this point: push-ups, diamond push-ups, Spider-man push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, oblique sit-ups, oblique twists seated, oblique turns standing, mountain climbers.  Apparently the other 6 did not leave a lasting impression.  Bounding down the field 2x, mission impossible down field 1x, high knees down field 1x, Squats or planks during all waiting periods between stations.
  • The Cool Down:  20 leg extensions each side, 20 backward leg extensions each side, 1 min plank, and one final brutal run up the hill.

Second day of boot camp – complete!  I am amazed by what I find difficult and comes naturally.  I guess the running over the past 6 months really helped because the cardio activities are easier (running, jumping jacks, mountain climbers) than the strength training (assortment of push-ups and sit-ups).  But the worst has to be the push-up’s… tyrannosaurus arms need to be worked on.  Thank goodness there is a boot camp for that!

I don’t plan on measuring every day, because that would be counterproductive, but I did take some measurements this morning for tracking purposes.

  • Bust – 32
  • Waist – 25.5
  • Hips – 36.5

Hmmmm – not sure what is going to change here – no goals specifically relating to these numbers.

Time to go get another cup of water (8+ cups per day is a necessity when you lose pounds of sweat before 7 am) and my Green Monster shake.  Yes, I said green monster – check it out.



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