Jes’ Boot Blog – Day 8

Popped on out of bed this morning – ready to go, and surprisingly not nervous at all.  Despite the promise that this week would be harder than last.

I think today’s class was the first time we had all 10 campers in attendance.  Todays work out was named “The 21 Gun Salute”.  My guns (bicep and tricep) are more of a squirt gun and less of a howitzer.  This made today’s work out very challenging.  But thats why we are at boot camp: if i was already “packing heat” it would not be nearly as beneficial!

  • The Warm Up: run, 6 flights of stairs, step-up’s, lunges, and a stretch
  • The Work out: running, 21 reps of each with resistance band wrapped around pole (bicep curls palms up, bicep curls palms down, door pulls left, door pulls, rows) 4 sprints up and down a steep hill (18 feetincline in 1/10th of a mile), lunges, kicking the curb in lateral movement, 21 reps of each while standing on resistance band (bicep curls to the chest, bicep curls to the waist, pulsing curls, left hand curls, right hand curls)
  • The Cool Down: run back to “base”, 21 push up’s, 21 ultimate push-up’s, & a stretch

I am pretty sure I forgot a lot of what happened out there – It was a GREAT work out… meaning I probably blacked out form the pain a few times!!  As for it being harder than last week, I am not sure.  I think I am so excited to be there, and having such a good time that I wouldn’t notice.  It seems “easier” because my body is accustom to the “beating” at this point.  All the work outs are hard – thats why I am so exited to “measure in” tomorrow!!  Hopefully there has been some progress :)

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