Jes’ Boot Blog – Day 10

…. yup I blacked out.  But I busted out the effort on the run, and was able to keep that momentum up for about half of the work out.  By the end I had NOTHING left in the tank – and that is the goal.  I also experienced quite the work-out high afterward – WORTH IT!

  • The Warm Up: kick the curb, back peddling, lunges, skips, and some running
  • The Work Out: 2.5 miles, 35 flights of stairs, plank, fire hydrants, several sets of sit-up’s, few sets of push ups, cork screws, some sprinting and running
  • The Cool Down: Run back to base and stretch

Honestly, I forgot, and I can not wait to go to my bed and read the last 50 pages of my 5000 page literary commitment.

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