Jes’ Boot Blog – Day 11

The day I feared the most came this morning… it was the day I did not want to get out of bed, I did not want to go to boot camp, I did not want to sweat, I did not want to work hard.

I thought about it… but I never knew what I would do when it arrived.  Today I learned that under these circumstances I would get out of bed, I would go to boot camp, I would sweat, I would work… moderately hard.

And I also learned the moment after a session wraps up and you only worked moderately hard, you will instantly regret being moderate.  Every effort will be made tonight to have a better boot camp day tomorrow.  This includes: Working late to wrap-up all of the work stuff that is plaguing my mind, getting a good night sleep, and some quality snuggles with Charles.

  • The Warm Up: Running steps, hills, lunges, and more of the usual suspects
  • The Work Out: sprints, lunges, high knees, back pettling, push-ups, 4 or 5 varieties of planks, abnormally tall step-up;s, kicking the curb (again, and again, and then a few more times) star jumps, oh some running around as per ush.
  • The Cool Down: I don’t know – there was stretching – they even pulled in some of the yoga moves that we learned – felt great!

So I have to go get back to work – in order to have a more amazing day tomorrow…. hopefully tomorrows report is better!

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  1. Not so much dropped out. We had one camper register and never show up, and we have had a few skip days here or there. They come back eventually, and as I recently learned there is a punishment called “encouragement” on your first day back after a missed lessln. This is an additional 10 min work out after the end of boot camp – most likely the last thing you want to do. And should drive you to get your butt out of bed in the morning!

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