Zombie Pumpkin
Jes’ Zombie Pumpkin

Fall has officially arrived in Georgia. The weather all week was nearly perfect, even the couple of overcast days in the middle of the week were a perfect temperature, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m sure that some of you already know this, but Halloween is one of Jes’ favorite holidays (if not her absolute favorite) and so we started celebrating last night by carving pumpkins. This was my first pumpkin carving experience since the days of my childhood, so to say I was a bit nervous about the outcome would be an understatement. I am an adult now and I should be able to move past the standard three-triangle jack-o-lantern and actually make something interesting, or at least that’s what my brain was telling me. The problem with that was the artistic side of my brain has never developed past that three triangle jack-o-lantern, which was the cause of the apprehension. Jes of course had no such apprehension, or least not outwardly, as she was just excited to dig into a pumpkin. On her way home from work she picked up a standard pumpkin for me and what I would refer┬áto as a “zombie” pumpkin, due to it’s gray-ish green color, for herself.

Pumpkins in hand and a whole bunch of Trader Joe’s bags laid out across our dining room table, we set out to work. First up on the task list was to open the pumpkin carving set that Jes’ mom had dropped off last weekend, and then to figure out what we wanted to carve. Jes very quickly settled on a mask, but my brain was stuck on trying to carve a picture of Marble that I had joked about earlier this week. Even though I have no artistic talent whatsoever. You guys know me, my brain locks onto an idea and doesn’t give up on it, so that’s what ended up happening. A couple hours later we both ended up with a “perfectly” carved pumpkin, and to be honest, they both turned out more better than I expected. We will of course be putting them outside our door for our lovely neighbors to see how awesome our pumpkins are ­čÖé

As for the rest of the week, we made a little bit more progress on the guest bath, but not too much. We got the paneling up on the wall with the toilet and vanity, so now there’s just one more wall to go. That is the task for this weekend it to get the paneling up on the wall with the door and then we can have the crown molding installed. But first there is another Georgia Tech football game to go to. After the last 3 weeks of consecutive defeats, excitement for the team in certainly waning, but we will be there to show our support. The next 3 games are all “winnable” games, so hopefully the team shows up and rewards our support.

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