As I sit snuggled up in a blanket, feet propped up on the coffee table, with the required coffee and lit candle, I cant help but notice, the day after Christmas looks much more relaxed than the 24 hours prior.  My family and I are all sitting around, learning how to use the new electronics we received, while the dogs play around our feet, and show tunes float through the air in place of the carols that have blessed the house over the last month.

I believe the lack of activity has as much to do with our fascination with our new toys as it does with our body’s need to finish digesting all of the holiday treats:  Cookies, Pie, Pastries, Egg Nog, Mimosas, Wine, Prime Rib, Potatoes, Sprouts, and Gravy… lots of Gravy… are just a few of yesterdays temptations.  Each one well worth its caloric price – for a day full of celebration, love and laughter.

A few of my favorite photos from Christmas Eve and Day are below.  I cant thank my wonderful husband enough for documenting the joys of our life, and for having the bottomless pit of passion for learning how to perfectly capture life’s little moments.

O Tannenbaum – Laurent Family Tree
Thank goodness for a tripod and shutter release
First EVER pic of us with our fur-Folsom-family!

Our little Elfs…. both naughty and nice!

smallraidsmall5 small4small katieDSC_0509

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  1. The Holidays with our family is what makes them so special. 2013 was sensational and I will look forward to 2014. Between the photos that Charles takes, and the scrapbooks that you made me, I have a great account of all the wonderful memories of the year. The scrapbooks are displayed on my coffee table with those of Kelly’s family as well, for all to see!

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