Marble – Getting a bath and not happy about it!

Charles and I returned to work this week, and settled back into the habit of getting to bed on time, eating right, and behaving as responsible adults.  Because of extreme cold, (lows between 7 and 16) boot camp was canceled for this week, but will start again on Monday.  I cant put into words how ready I am to get back out there and get moving again.  I came down with the flu on the 3rd, and have been slowly recovering since.  I am officially over “taking it easy”, and cant wait to sweat out whatever illness remains come Monday’s session.

Because of the flu, this week was pretty low key.  But we did manage to make it to Food 101 on Thursday evening for cocktails, oysters and conversation.  It was here that I finally committed to a date for our upcoming ski-trip.  I have never set my adorable feet atop a ski or snowboard in my life: so the fact that we are going on a ski trip should have perked your ears right up…. Yes I have finally agreed to let someone show me how to propel my body down a large hill, in ice-cold temperatures, at extreme quick speeds for my sloth-like body.  More details on this to come, but the date is set for early February.

Tonight Charles and I will be venturing into the strange, loud, and large world of Monster Trucks!  Yes, I did say Monster Trucks.  Every year, a famous Monster Truck show comes to to the Georgia Dome, and this year Charles and I will be joining them in style.  My CEO, has invited a small selection of the company to join him in his suite at the dome to watch the festivities.  Charles and I are of course thrilled to have been invited as we have both known and worked with John for several years, and it is always nice to hang out with him in a personal setting.  Part of the event-festivities include dressing the part of a stereotypical Monster Truck fan (think cowboy boots and trucker hats) so Charles and I will need to do some shopping this afternoon to make sure we have the proper attire.  Little known fact: weather its ball gowns or trucker-garb, I love dressing up for an event.  I think its because it gives me the chance to take my creativity out of its hiding place, and play with it for a few hours before it returns to its dormant state.  We will be sure to get a few photos of the trucks, the suite and our attire as this is a once-in-a-lifetime event: I am sure of it.


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